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WeDart is your digital partner in darts.

The WeDart 1 accompanies you in every game: It records your game progress, supports you in training and provides a unique darts experience. Play online or offline – anywhere, anytime!

Play better - with WeDart!

WeDart accompanies you in your games – both online and offline. Automatic scorekeeping, training games, online matches – all in one and all for you! Thanks to detailed statistics, you can track your darts skills and adjust your training accordingly. And WeDart also adapts to your needs – with regular updates developed by the WeDart team. Let’s improve our darts game together – with WeDart!

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Ansicht der Spielstatistiken mit 2 Spielern

Accurate analysis for your best performance

WeDart records your darts with millimeter precision via an integrated camera system in the light ring of the WeDart 1. Our software determines all details for your evaluations during the game. All game data and training successes are always at your fingertips on your smartphone or tablet with the WeDart app. By the way, the WeDart app is also available free of charge as a manual counting app in the app stores.

Welcome to the WeDart Community - the community for really everyone who loves the sport of darts!

WeDart is for everyone, darts is for everyone! Therefore, with WeDart simply everyone can play darts. Automatic scoring makes playing darts easier than ever, the free WeDart app with practice games and statistics is freely available for Android and iOS. You too can play in WeDart online mode – whether you have WeDart 1 or not. We are happy that you are part of the WeDart community!

Features subject to change. Some features, apps and services may not be available on all devices, in all regions or languages. Some features might not be available at the time of the product launch and will be released in future updates.

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Download the WeDart app and get started! Even without WeDart 1 you can be part of the WeDart community – thanks to the free WeDart app for iOS and Android.

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Frequently asked questions

We answer the most frequently asked questions about WeDart and the WeDart 1. If your question is not included, feel free to check the Help Center or send us a message via the contact form or by email to contact@wedart.io.

The WeDart 1 launch is planned for December, but in the pre-sale you can already pre-order your WeDart 1 in November. This way you will be among the first dart fans to receive their WeDart 1 in December. Our tip: Sign up quickly for our newsletter to get all the news and some benefits of the WeDart 1 pre-sale launch.

Basically, you can use any bristle dartboard, but there may be small variations in recognition accuracy. We therefore recommend the following brands and products:

  • Winmau: Blade 4, Blade 5, Blade 6 (various versions).
  • Target: Aspar, Pro Tour
  • Unicorn: Eclipse Pro 2, Eclipse HD2 Pro
  • Bull’s: Focus II, Focus II Plus One80:
  • Gladiator 3 (various versions)

You can generally use all your steel tip darts. However, the detection works best with dark barrels. Mini darts may not be detected at all or not well. Especially thin tips can lead to a reduced detection accuracy.

We’re constantly expanding our game selection, so we’d love for you to participate in our polls that we launch on social media to determine community favorites. The current favorites we have implemented in the WeDarts app are:

  • X01: Play the classic with starting scores from 301 to 701, single out or double out in up to 25 sets of 25 legs.
  • Free Practice: Play what you want, the WeDart 1 counts.
  • High Score: Play 3 to 10 shots or in endless mode.
  • Checkout Practice: Practice checking any number with 1, 2, 3 or any number of shots.
  • Cricket: Play in Cricket mode with 2 players and train the segments of 15-20 and Bull at the same time.
  • Around the Clock: Play your way across the dartboard once with Around the Clock in various variations including random mode.

The WeDart 1 can only be used with WeDart dartboard surrounds. This way we ensure that you can use any dartboard in the WeDart 1 and still easily remove the surround ring. This is partly due to the dimensions of the surround and partly due to the density of the PU material. A black WeDart dartboard surround is always included in the delivery.

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