Let’s get this thing started!

The WeDart functional prototype with a tablet showing the score
Our current functional prototype

From today on, you’ll get regular updates on our project here. As you might already have guessed, we are developing a novel automatic steel darts system. WeDart is our initiative to create an improved steel darts experience together with you. The system will provide detailed statistics, personalized training, auto-scoring and exciting online games with friends and friends-to-be. We have just finished our first round of testing with our first prototype, in which we focused on correct automatic scoring and the first set of statistics. We got lots of feedback – luckily mainly positive – so we have a lot to work on now. In the last weeks, Florian and Lennart improved calibration, added a light ring to the prototype and created a totally new user interface for you, but we want more! You are the experts, so we need your feedback: What functions do you need? What statistics are important for you? What training routines do you like to do? Where do you play darts? Why the hell do you do this sport? Don’t hesitate to tell us all that and ask us questions, either on facebook and instagram or via email to contact@wedart.io! We’re looking forward to getting to know you better soon!

If I say we, I mean Lennart, Florian and Alisa. We are three darts enthusiasts based in Hamburg, who made their hobby their job. We are working on this project in cooperation with the HAW Hamburg as participants of the Exist programme, which makes it possible for us to work on our dream full-time. We don’t play darts nearly as much as we’d like and have never played in a competitive way, so basically, we’re total beginners, but we’re here to learn. So please, if you stumble across anything you find weird or that is simply incorrect, tell us! We might just not know better. 😉

The WeDart team: Lennart, Alisa and Florian
This is us!

That’s it for now. Hopefully, you now know who you are dealing with here and what we are trying to do. If now, don’t hesitate to send us a message! If you want more frequent updates, please follow us on instagram and facebook and join our newsletter to get the latest news and help us create a truly unique darts experience!

Lots of love from Hamburg and good darts!