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What is WeDart?

WeDart is developing a scoring and training system for steel darts. The WeDart 1 enables automatic scoring, detailed game statistics and online and offline dart games. The system supports you with training and playing options – regardless of whether you are already on your way to the Ally Pally or just threw your first darts.

The founding team of WeDart are Alisa, Florian and Lennart, three darts enthusiasts from Hamburg. Alisa takes care of the management and marketing, Florian is responsible for our app and Lennart is developing the backend of our WeDart 1. They are supported by Minh and Jan, who work on app and backend development.

WeDart aims to become a community for dart players all over the world. We want to connect the dart community online and offline and make it easier for everyone to play steel tip darts.

The WeDart 1 is our first hardware product. The camera system, working together with the WeDart app, records the impact points of your darts so that you never have to write down your points by hand again and can fully concentrate on your game. At the end of the game you will receive an evaluation that summarizes your gaming behavior. You could call the WeDart 1 the fitness tracker for darts.

So far, an early access version of the WeDart 1 has been delivered to our fantastic crowdfunding supporters. This allows you to play offline steel tip darts with automatic scoring. X01 games work with double in or single in and double out or single out. In addition, the WeDart app offers the possibility to analyze your game. Game statistics accurate to the millimeter are automatically created and saved for each game so that you can design your training to reach your goals. Various training games as well as online games with specific or random online opponents will be possible in the future.

Yes, you can use the WeDart app without havin a WeDart 1. You can create a profile, add your scores manually and play steel tip darts online and offline.

How can I buy a WeDart 1?

We are planning the product launch in a few months. As soon as we have a fixed launch date or pre-orders are possible, we will inform you via the newsletter and our social media channels.

At the moment there is no way to pre-order WeDart 1 systems from us. Crowdfunding has already ended, so no further orders will be accepted on Startnext.

How do I set up my WeDart 1?

The WeDart 1 has a diameter of 76.5 cm and a depth of 20 cm.

You can find the operating instructions printed in the packaging of your WeDart 1 or digitally in the current version here.

How do I play with my WeDart 1?

In general, you can use any sisal dartboard, but there may be small deviations in the recognition accuracy. We therefore recommend the following models:

Winmau: Blade 4, Blade 5, Blade 6 (various versions)

Target: Aspar, Pro Tour

Unicorn: Eclipse Pro 2, Eclipse HD2 Pro

Bull’s: Focus II, Focus II Plus

One80: Gladiator 3 (various versions)

To change your dartboard, turn off your WeDart 1 and unplug it. Then remove the surround from the light ring using the nylon strap. Now you can loosen the wedges on the base plate and turn your dartboard or lift it up. Then fix your dartboard again, just like the first time you used it. The corresponding description can be found in the user manual.

You can basically use all your steel tip darts. However, the detection works best with dark barrels. Mini darts may not be recognized or not well recognized.

The WeDart 1 can only be used with WeDart surrounds. On the one hand, this is due to the dimensions of the surround and, on the other hand, to the density of the EVA material. A black WeDart surround is always included.

Online games against friends and after that, against random opponents are our top priority. This is followed by other training games, such as cricket.

Where can I find more help?

You can find our crowdfunding help center here. We have also set up a Discord Channel for all crowdfunding supporters, where exchange and support is possible.

Before you contact us, please check the FAQ and the Help Center to see if your question has already been answered. If not, you have several contact options: You can contact the WeDart team via Discord, write an email to contact@wedart.io with the subject “Support” or write a WhatsApp message to +4917634599222. We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible.